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Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Cartridge Storage Re-visited!

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I know that I had posted my cartridge storage here on my blog recently but they were old pictures. My storage back then, was to store them in Cricut Green Photo Boxes. Since those pictures were taken, I have revamped just a little. I purchase a sturdier solution to store and transport my cartridges in. The purple containers were purchased from Tuesday Morning for only $4.99 each! What a deal!! And Yes, before you ask, of course I purchased all that they had! I am not sure if they are still available to purchase or not from Cropper Hopper or if they were being discontinued or if a Tuesday Morning near you would still have them available! It would be worth a trip to go look!
A look at the 5 containers of Cricut Cartridges sitting on my embellishment counter!
A close up of how I store my Cartridges, Books and Keypads! I tear out all the foreign languages one or two pages at a time and that leaves plenty of room to store the keypad inside the book!
This is how I store my Solutions and Exclusive cartridges. I created a .cut file with design studio and created little boxes. There are large eyelets on either side of the box to be able to alternate the side on which I attach the Organza Bags.
Shapes Cartridge Storage: Anymore cartridges and I will have to get another container!
Fonts Cartridge Storage: Same for this one! Once my Don Juan arrives I will have to start a new container!
Class Mates Cartridges: I also store blades for the Cricut machines as well as extra blades for the Paper Trimmer!
Solutions and Exclusive Cartridges
Disney Cartridges: Can't wait until the new Disney Cartridges come out so I can fill this container up!


  1. I love your storage idea!!

    I have nominated you for the Brillant Blog award please check my blog for information about the award and to add the award to your blog.
    I have nominated your blog because your blog gives wonnderful ideas and inspiration to myself and other scrappers.


  2. I'd be interested in knowing how you created the cartridge storage boxes. Your idea looks great! Thanks.

  3. Love it, I keep changing how I store mine! Great idea!

  4. I LOVE the storage idea for everything else! What did you use and are these or similar items still available? I need to reorganize in a bad way! I don't have that many cartridges and want to try to find a shelf or small bookcase to store mine on for now. Any information you can give me would be GREAT! Thanks!

  5. I saw containers similar to these at my local Walmart in the school supplies on clearance. I was not sure what I would do with them so did not purchase any. I do not believe that they were Cropper Hopper tho.

  6. I absolutely need to know where did you get the set up for your embellishment counter????!?!??!
    I really like those boxes/compartments...

    (Would love to know where you got your black wire paper towers too on your slideshow!!!)

    I wish I had your space... I have all that stuff, just no space...

    And I love the amount of E's you have... I thought I had alot!!! LOL!