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Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Way To Store All Of The Cartridges!

When you have as many cartridges as I do, you have to come up with some creative ways to store them. Let's face it! When I would go to Crops, I would have to take several containers just to bring all of my cartridges and once I got there where do you put them all? I now own every single cartridge with the exception of Cricut Sampler and Don Juan! This storage solution is tried and true. I can almost guarantee that once you try it you won't switch to any other storage solution!
My Cartridge Boxes Stacked. Notice that I have them labeled Shapes, Disney/Classmates and Fonts.
One of my Cartridges laying out. The keypad is inside of the book. I carefully tear out all of the languages except English. Once those are torn out, there is plenty of space to lay the keypad inside of the Book.
What my cartridges look like when open
The Sachet bags that I use to store the cartridges in on the side of book spine. I alternate in alphabetical order from left to right where I place the sachet bags so the books are balanced in the box.

I just loop the bag thru the edge of the spine and Viola....
the sachet bag is ready to slip the cartridge into it!

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  1. OK I have always wondered why not just use the boxes. Now I know traveling to crops. I have never been to a crop so I didn't "get" it. So NOw I do. Your idea is awesome. I love the sachet bags. If I ever decide to store mine (9 so far) in anything but their boxes your idea is it. Thanks for sharing.