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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wonderfully Warm Tea Cup Album

With winter fast approching I though that a hot drink book would be just the thing to warm me up on a chilly fall or winter day! Sometimes I could even use it during the summer as my husband is very hot natured and keeps out air conditioning on 67 degrees F! I tend to freeze! Hope that you enjoy it and the recipes!
Wonderfully Warm Front Cover

Reindeer Tea Recipe

Reindeer Tea Page

Hot Cocoa Recipe

Hot Cocoa Page

Mexican Cocoa Recipe

Mexican Cocoa Page

Cafe Orange Recipe

Cafe Orange Page

Wonderfully Warm Tea Cup Book Back


  1. You're killing me here. That's FANTASTIC!!!!!! You are one talented lady.

  2. I love your wonderfully warm tea cup album. And the recipes sound great also.

  3. Would you let me know how to download your file for the cup of tea book? Maybe I am just overlooking where to click! I would love to make one for one of my friends who is a "tea addict"! Thanks so much.

  4. I love all your albums and recipe books. What a wonderful way to preserve these family recipes.

  5. This is fabulous. I LOVE your blog, you are officially one of my Cricut Muses. Thank you for teaching & inspiring me:)

  6. this is adorable. i am so jealous of your talent. i just got a coffee stamp set and would love to combine it with your cup design. would you mind sharing the cut file? please ^_^


  7. I really love it. I may make a book for my mom who collects tea cups and loves drinking hot tea, even in the summer!

  8. love the tea cup book. what a wonderful idea. will you share your cut file--our family tradition was always tea in the PM with grandma and i haven't stopped drinking it this way after her passing & my mothers.