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Friday, November 7, 2008

The posting of layouts and lack of camera! Looking for a new camera! Please help Me!

I have been so busy over the past month or so crafting, that I have neglected to post some of my projects. Of course, it does not help that one of my children accidentally dropped my camera and it is not working properly now! I did just purchase a new iphone though, and it takes pretty good pictures, so that is what I am going to use until I purchase a new camera. If any of you recommend a camera please either email me or leave a post and let me know what the camera is and why you like it! Thanks so much! Stay turned for the uploading of tons of layouts over the next few days! Hope to see you back!


  1. I currently have a Fuji s3100.

    I love it because it takes GREAT shots, is very in expensive and you can get lens to even better your shots!

  2. I own the Samsung s500

    The past 4 years all I've ever owned was a Samsung {previous was Samsung digimax 240}. I'm extremely happy with it.

    I will tell you that I recently found out that the higher the mega pixel the better the pics are when you want to blow them up.

    I'm still learning more about my camera, but I know if I was more knowledgeable that it would take better pics.

    Good luck on getting one...Love your blog and are AWESOME.

  3. Last March DH and I bought a Sony Cyber-shot camera...
    7.2megapixels, Carl Zeiss lens.
    We LOVE it!!! It's an amazing little camera.
    All the pics on my blog are taken with that camera.

  4. I recently bought this camera in blue. It is small enough to put in your purse or pocket and costs under $200. After I did a lot of research and purchased it I now see it for sale all over the place.

    Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital ELPH - Silver

  5. Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital ELPH

    Small enough to go in your pocket or purse and under $200. For sale lots of places now. Good reviews.

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