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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Take A Virtual Test Drive With The Gypsy!

So, I was lucky enough to actually be able to hold and play on the new Gypsy during CHA! Mine cannot arrive quickly enough! If you would like to know a little more about the Gypsy, be sure to click on the picture below and see what it is capable of!
I cannot wait until I can take my designing capabilities with me on the go. Just imagine.....Standing in line at the grocery store, at the kids sports practices, waiting in line at school to pick the kids up, at the doctors offices.....The list is endless!
Be sure to comment and let me know all of the creative places you plan on using your Gypsy!


  1. I want one!!! Thank you for putting the tour on. It looks easy enough to run..I think I'll be getting one of those..My mind is already swimming with ideas.
    Can't wait..

  2. oh boy, I didn't really want one of these till I watched that video! Now I think I need one! I'd better start saving my pennies!

  3. While waiting to pick up the kids after school.... oooh or even while watching TV. I have my room upstairs, but it would be nice to do something creative while I am watching TV at night.

    I want one too. By the way, I was at the SuperShow too. Wasn't it fun!

  4. I can't wait to get my Gypsy! Thanks for posting the tour! I've got so many things I'm going to do the minute I get mine!

  5. Thanks for showing us the gypsy Kendra! It look wonderul! I would take it to all crops and of course to my kitchen where I scrap because I don't have a scrap room. LOL
    BugHappy from cmb

  6. not for me thanks, my high acuity vision days are over :) Heck even the booklets are a bit small for me and I often use the DS on the computer to really figure out some cuts. All I really want is the "group" button for the DS....