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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kendra's Ultimate Scrapbooking Room! Tons of Photos!

This is my favorite saying because I am a very messy Scrapper.  When I get in my zone, paper goes a flying!

A Look at my Cricut Storage Wall.

A look at the room from the door way.  Sorry it is so dark.

My Cutting Closet.  This holds Sizzix Dies, Sizzlet Dies, Quickutz Dies, My Silhouette Machines, Stickles, Ink Pads, Zutter Machines and Owires, Big Shot Express Machine, Your Story Machines, DreamKutz Machine, My Digital Photo Converter, Binderie Machine and so much more.  It also holds most of my specialty papers like Handmade paper, Foils, Glitter, Flocked, Metallic, Pearl, Metals, Swiss Dot, and much more.

Close Up of The Cutting Closet

Close Up of Cricut Cartridge Storage (Purple Bins with Rainbow Labels), Prima Flowers (sorted according to color in Cracker Jars purchased at Target), Some of the different Cricut Machines including The Cricut Expression, The Original Baby Bug, The Cricut Create and last but not least the Cricut Cake machine.  You will aslo see the Quickutz die machines as well as 2 Cuttlebugs, A KNK machine (Klick-N-Kut), The Cricut GoBe's, a few layouts and of course a Sock Monkey!

This is my Paper wall.  There are things I have made on top of the shelf and a few layouts hanging on the side of my kiddos!

This is 4x6, 6x6, 8x8, 8 1/2x 8 1/2, 12x12 Paper Storage.  Most of the 12x12 paper you see here is printed cardstock which I really need to get rid of as I barely ever use it!

Embellishment Center.  This has things like paint, Glitter, Flock and much more!  The empty containers to the right are being used for a class right now.  They will be back soon!

My Fabric Wall.  I was a quilter before I ever started scrapbooking.

This is my Supply wall.  When I decided to re-model my Scrapbooking room, I realized that with baskets, and Boxes I never knew what I had and that if I did know I had it, I could not always find it.  The clear containers by Sterlite gave me modular storage that allows me to see exactly what is in the bins.  I have created a spread sheet with what is in my Bins so it is easy as pie to find what I am looking for.

This is my comfy chair.  It was one of the first pieces of furniture my parents ever bought.  I inherited it and love how it looks in my room.  Behind it are all of my empty Cricut Cartridge Boxes.

Another Embellishment Center.  This has Adhesives, Buttons, Brads, Pens, Beaded Purse Handles are so much more.

This is my Kids fort under my table.  You can see that there is a chalkboard that is magnetic and pillows under there with a light.  (Sorry about the glare)

Behind my layouts hides my Epson 1400 Large Format Photo Printer.

My son Abraham.  You can see my Ribbon Storage.  It is the Clip It Up Ribbon Organizer by Simply Renee
A view of my cutting

My centerpiece.  It is a Bunny Rabbit.  I need a Sock Monkey one.  Let me know if you find one. 


  1. WOW!!!
    That would be a dream come true scrapbook room. It looks more like a scrapbook store. I am sure you are loving it. And right now everything looks so organized & has it's own place. Great Job! Happy Crafting!

    Simple Creations

  2. OMG ...this has got to be the most gorgeous crafting room EVER!!! I'm sooooooo jealous! How wonderful to have a room like this ...I think I would spend every waking moment in it! Heck, I'd probably just sleep there too!

    Great job!!! When can you come to my house and redo my room?


  3. OMG!! I WANT one!!! Waaaaaa!!
    You're sooo lucky!!

  4. Oh these comments are too funny! Love your craft room! You are quite blessed! Smiles...Lovey

  5. truly an inspiration. What a beautiful organized room you have!

  6. I wish I had a room like that and could be so organized. This is a dream room for most crafters.

  7. when can i move in. It is great. love the room. you have tons of things. thanks for share. we now all want one. lol

  8. Oh my WORD!!! What a fabulous creative space!!! You did a marvelous job organizing everything! Thanks for sharing your oh-so-faboo space. :)

  9. Kendra, fabulous job on your scraproom. My DH is redoing mine too. Where did you purchase your paper racks?

    Happy cutting!

    Carmen L
    cal8007 at aol dot com

    1. Carmen,
      Thanks so much! I purchased my racks from a Scrapbooking store that went out of business.

  10. Great room! I have a question though. What is a Cricut GoBe?? I have never heard of this. I'm curious!!


  11. Wow, what a beautiful and spectacular scrapbook room. I'd want to sleep in there! The organization is amazing! Love it.

  12. I would also love to know where you got the paper racks.

  13. WOW!!! This is just fabulous! I'm getting ready to redo my studio and this is exactly what I want to do - where did you find your paper storage system?


  14. Your room is AMAZING. And bonus: I showed my husband and he said that mine doesn't look so crazy, now! I saw on your youtube video that you have a thing for sock monkeys, and I'm sure you probably already own it, but did you know that Stampin' Up! has a really cute sock monkey stamp set? I think it's adorable, and I'm not obsessed with them! (I'm more of a regular monkey girl :)
    TFS your room! :)Jessica

  15. Love love love your room!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. what an awesome room!!

    BTW, I listed you on my blog with a couple of awards!!!

  17. WOW is really all anyone can say about this room. I think most would agree with me in "WOW" wish I had half, heck I will take a quarter. HEEHEE

  18. OMG!!! This is the most awesome craft room I have ever seen. You are one lucky lady.

  19. And I thought I had paper?? Wow - You have a great room! I bet it's nice to be organized and have it all right there! I might have to steal a few ideas from you.... Great Room!

  20. Wow, that is some room! Great job, I know you are pleased.

  21. Great Room, you are so lucky!
    BUT Where are you going to put you Cricut Imagine I wonder? LOL

  22. Kendra,

    Where do you get the wire racks to hold 12 x 12 paper or 8 1/2 x 11 paper?


  23. I think im drooling. I am amazed by your room. I am so jealous and so curious as to why you have sooooo many expressions? I see a couple cricut cakes there as well. Why so many? :)

  24. I LOVE your room. WOW it ROCKS... lol
    I'm now your newest follower. I would love for you to stop by and visit my blog sometime.

  25. Wow !!! Your room is amazing !! I thought maybe it was pictures of a store at first ! I love the fort area ! My kids would LOVE that idea ! Your patterned paper could always find a home at my house ! :) Thanks for sharing such great pictures, even if it does make me drool !!

  26. love the room but i LOVE the fort! :)

  27. Um.... when I read the title I thought... yeah right... but this is awesome.

    I do have to ask... how many cricuts do you have? And do you have parties or what because I counted at least 6 or 7. LOVE IT!!!!

    "I want one!!!!"

  28. From one UK fan to another (class of 04) I need to know where you got your wood cabinetry. Did you make them? Also, where did you get your wire paper holder? Great room!

    1. I made all of my cabinets with the help of my awesome neighbor Mike! The wire racks came from a Scrapbooking store that closed.
      Go Big Blue!

  29. Amazing and very organized home office. i have my own home business selling import and export goods online, mostly clothes and shoes, books or dvds/cd's. I wish my home office is as organized as yours!

  30. I am so glad that I could help all of you out there so you are able to show your husbands that you really don't own that much! Cheers! :-)

  31. This is about your SUPPLY WALL. Where did you get the shelving? Are they regular bookcases or special made?
    My bedroom is my craft room and I'm tired of the plastic rolling carts! I would love to do 1 whole wall with shelves like this.
    How tall are they, depth of shelves?