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Monday, September 20, 2010

30 Days of Creativity Challenge - Day 17 - Anika's Slumber Party Birthday Invitations!

Today is the 17th day of the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge.  I was so excited today!  My Cricut Imagine arrived and since Anika's 11th birthday party is coming up, I thought I would kick out her Slumber Party invites!  In just a couple of hours they were complete.  The back has all of the party info printed on it but I decided not to take a photo of that side as it had my address and phone number is not public knowledge.  :-)

I used the Cricut Imagine, The Best Friends Cricut Imagine Cartridge and The Slumber Party Cricut Cartridge.

The Cricut Imagine!  Mine arrived today!

Anika's Birthday Invitation!

Almost all of Anika's Invites!

The layers of the invite.

A close up of the invite!

Happy Scrappin'


  1. Kendra
    The invites turned out super cute. Can't wait for my imagine to come today


  2. Very cute invites. Wow, you have an imagine!! So jealous. Please write reviews on how you like it.


  3. Kendra I love these Invites!! And I'm so Jealous of your Imagine!!! I need to save my money Because I've got to have one!!!!!!!!!!