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Monday, September 6, 2010

30 Days of Creativity Challenge - Day 5 - "Beware" Candy Bucket

I am having so much fun everyday creating something else for the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge.  Remember, you can join in at any point during the challenge and that the day that you start is your Day 1.  So I may be on Day 5 but you may just be starting out at Day 1.  Email me with any questions!

Today is my Day 5 and I created a "Beware" Candy Bucket.
So, I was trying to think of a cute gift idea for my children's teachers for this year and decided that a small candy bucket would be super cute!  I used the Cricut Expression along with the Mini Monsters Cricut Cartridge to create this adorable candy bucket.  All I need now is a bag of candy to fill it and it is ready for the Halloween season!  My kids cannot wait to bring one to their teachers.  I have one made, only 6 more to go!

This side ended up being my favorite side.  I just love this little monster!

This little monsters teeth just crack me up.
Just imagine this on a Lost My Tooth page!
How cute would that be?

This is probably one of my most unfovorite sides but Michelle just loved it!  I wished that I had made him in purple or green.
Oh well, maybe next time.

I love how this side turned out.  This little Mummy is just too cute if you ask me.  I love the teal and green combination!

Here is the Beware on the inside.  Make sure you Beware or the little monster may bite your finger!

Here is the other end of the Monster declaring to all Trick Or Treat!

Happy Scrappin'!


  1. So adorable! That has so many possibilities. Thanks!

  2. You are soooo creative, girlfriend!!! How do you do it?? This is just stinking CUTE!!!!!!

  3. What a cute idea!
    And I think I will be using that little toothless guy on my son's lost tooth page, in a few years!

  4. Super cute! Love the lil monsters! I have to get my hands on this cart!