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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

30 Days of Creativity Challenge - Join Us!

If you have an imagination, you have endless creativity! 

Join the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge

Michelle Van Etten and Kendra Wiggins have decided to challenge themselves with the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge and want to invite you to join in with them.  It is super easy to join in!  There are a couple of things you need to do to join in on the fun

  • Post a link to your blog in the comment section of this post. (this is so we can add your blog to our blog list as an official 30 Days of Creativity Challenge member)

  • Post a link on your blog to MichelleVan Etten and Kendra Wiggins blog announcing you are a participant with the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge

  • Post a photo of your creations everyday on your blog.  (You do not need to post instructions just a picture and if you miss a day keep on chuggin' along.  There's always tomorrow!

  • Have fun!  Do not stress.  Everydays creations do not have to be masterpieces.  Just take the time to use your creativity everyday.

  • If you join in on the fun, be sure to visit the others who are playing along and leave them a comment.  A word of encouragement makes the work done worthwhile!

  • If you are just visiting the participating blogs, please take the time to post a comment!  They are so encouraging!  :-)

  • If you decide to join in on the fun, whatever day you decide to join is your Day #1.  It is never too late to join!

  • You can use any kind of media.  Paint, Paper, Glass, Vinyl, Yarn, String, Fabric, Clay, Jewelry, Cake, Punches. Metal, Ribbon, Wax, Inks, Flowers, and of course your Cricut.  Don't let my list hamper your imagination!  Just Create!
So be sure to join Michelle and Kendra for the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge and remember:
If you have an imagination you have endless creativity. 

If you decide to join us, please be sure to link to the other participants.  Email me if you have questions on how to link.  Hope that you decide to join us!



    I'm going to try and Join in on the Challenge!!! Lets see if I can create some new ideas!!!

  2. Hey Kendra
    I so in this one...Can't wait to use some bottled up




  4. Wow! Ok I will try this!

  5. I thinnk this is going to be a lot of fun. I'm excited about joining this challenge.

  6. I would love to give this a try! I am already behind, unless my 30 days start September 7th!!

    This is a great idea. Thanks

  7. This sounds like fun!! I'm in - even though I am really late... my blog:

    I will see what I can get done today :)


  8. I am going to challenge myself to do this!!! Yeaah!! I have so many projects running around in my head...I think it's time I get them out.

    Hugs Karen

  9. I forgot to add my link to my comment. This challenge is helping me relax and spend time with my children once we get home from school. All of us are getting more things done at home.