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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Get Your Cricut Circle Invite before It's Too Late!!


Circles Go Better Together!
So Join In On The Fun!
The Circle Closes on
September 13th!
You Don't Want To Miss Out!


The Cricut Circle for me has been a wonderful experience! I now have the opportunity to invite some of you, my friends, to join in on the fun. Unfortunatly, the Cricut Circle enrollment will be closed after 9/13/2010 so now is the time to join! If you are interested in joining, please contact me by EMAIL for a referral, as there is a contest being held. Be sure to put your name and the title Cricut Circle in the Subject line!

If I refer people to join I have the opportunity to win:

  • A Gypsy
  • A free membership for a year
  • A ticket for me and a guest for the 2011 Cricut Cruise.

Remember to EMAIL me as soon as possible so I can send you out a referral email!

I hope that this has encouraged you to join. Remember, you only have until the 13th to decide, which is tomorrow, and once the circle closes I am not sure when or if they will open it again.. Good luck and I hope you become fellow circlet!


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