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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sports Team Peace Lily Beta Vase Instructions!

It's Kendra here again with another Superb Christmas Idea for my
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With Christmas knocking on our door I was trying to figure out what my son might like as a present in his University of Kentucky themed room and I remembered from about 14 years ago making the Peace Lily Beta Vases by the dozen and selling them. I almost could not make them fast enough. It seemed like everyone wanted one or two!

Forward 14 years in time to present day (no pun intended) and I can't think of a cuter dual purposed plant out there. How cool will it be for Abe to have a live plant to freshen and liven things up in his room and have a fish swimming around in the vase! He will completly flip when he see it on Christmas Day!


Materials Needed:
Beta Vase with Plastic insert
Rocks to match favorite sports team
1 Beta Fish
Small Peace Lily with dirt removed and rinsed well!
White Vinyl
Base Camp Cricut Cartridge
Water with Stress Coat water conditioner
Ribbon to match sports team
Beta Food

Rinse Vase and plastic insert. Put at least 2 inches of rocks at the bottom of the vase. Fill with room temp water and add appropriate amount of Stress Coat water conditioner. Acclimate the Beta fish to the water and transfer it to the new bowl. Cut a small hole in the plastic insert and thread the plant root through it being careful not to damage the. Fill the rest of the plastic insert with the matching stones. Place the plastic insert in the neck of the Vase.

Close up of the fish in the Vase.

Using the Cricut and the Base Camp Cricut Cartridge, cut out 1 inch circles and 2 inch lettering out of the white vinyl. Center the lettering and apply. Continue by applying the circles in a random fashion over the whole Vase.

Using White Twill, wrap the neck of the vase and tie in the ends in the back. Taking the blue fine ribbon, evenly space and wrap the ribbon finishing it off in the same fashion.

If you give one of these adorable Peace Lily Beta Vases this Christmas season make sure you also give food to go along with it. It is a myth that the Beta can live off the plant. They are carnivores and do not eat plants at all. They need to be fed about every other to every third day to survive. They also need a 25% water chance every week.

Happy Scrappin'


  1. I love it! I'm thinking of using the Once upon a princess cart. and make one for my daughter's room. I love the dots on the vase. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Great idea! I thought I would make these for my girls for Christmas, (boy will they be excited!) checked our Lowe's today but they don't currently have any peace lilies. Any idea where I might be able to get some this time of the year? Or is it something people buy in the summer and just have at their houses right now?

  3. Try a greenhouse/nursery in your area. I am in the south and they are still available pretty easily. Good Luck!!!

  4. You always have such great ideas.