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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Free Cricut Cake Class with Jinger Adams! Don't Miss Out!

Wow 'em with Cake and other great Treats!
Cricut Cake
Everybody likes a fun party with lots of personal touches. And that doesn't mean a hopelessly complicated 7-tier cake. Simple things like cupcake toppers, embellished cookies, and even dressing up a store-bought cake make all the difference.

The best part is that it's not that hard and it's something you can do every day!

Join Provo Craft for a FREE class. Jinger Adams will show you how simple it is to make every occasion special with the Cricut Cake.

As you watch the class, you'll be able to chat with other class members and even ask a cake expert questions. To Register go HERE.

Register for your class today.  Space is limited!


Happy Scrappin'


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  1. Provo Craft and Jinger Adams are the nicest people! I really hope I can get into one of these classes! Thank you, Kendra for letting us know.