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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back To School Personalized Binders

Hi, it's Kendra once again on this beautiful Tuesday here in Sunny South Carolina!

Now that August has arrived it is Back To School time once again here in the South.  With some of the schools around us already back in session and  my own children start school next Monday I want to take the time to share a project that you can make with your children to make going back to school a little more fun.

It still amazes me how time flies by...I am struggling with the reality that my oldest daughter, Abby is a Senior this year and will be graduating from High just does not seem possible.

Where has the time gone?

My project today is actually the project I do with my oldest daughter just before school starts every year.  It is taking plain 1 inch binders with the outside pockets and making them personalized and special just for her.

Here are 2 of the folders we made her last year.  (We are still waiting to get her class schedule for this yeasr before we can make them for this year.)  They were created with the Cricut Expression, The Gypsy and the following cartridges linked to the Gypsy; Cuttin' Up, George and Basic Shapes and Cursive 101.  The neat thing about creating these with your children is that they can be customized to your child's likes.

Here is a look at the side.  Your child can put these folders in their locker and will be able to clearly read the spine with the subject on it.
Happy Scrappin'


  1. I did that too last year for my girls:) I let them pick out the papers ( they are in high school too... Well I should say were for my oldest daughter) She graduated this past May :( We all know how picky they can be with things lol. They really liked them.

  2. Kendra, I also do the binders for my son who is nine lol-although this year for fourth grade I think he wants Pokemon cards on his cover and not my cricut projects-lol. How blessed you are that your children still want the cricut on their books! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! You better keep an eye out on those boys!!-lol. Listening to your post, made me appreciate time iwth my son today-he was playing with legos and asked me to play-I had so much to do today but then I thought it could be him going off to college so I stopped to play-Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas with us-I appreciate each and every one of them!! Lynn

  3. loving all your ideas!! My son is out of college and I have two daughters still in I honestly can't believe how time does fly!!!! It's bitter sweet....waiting for grandchildren now:-)

  4. Geometry is spelled wrong