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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wanna Come Over And Play???

So, we have finally made it to Colorado and I have the whole house unpacked with the exception of 5 boxes for my studio and the putting away of all of my Cardstock for my paper wall.

I am having a hard time getting motivated to get those last few boxes unpacked. I am in a little bit of a funk missing my best friends back in South Carolina. I need to make some new friends who can come over to play with me in my studio. I am sort of a social scrapper and am missing having friends to talk with.

So, if any of you live near Broomfield Colorado, just outside Denver, be sure to let me know! I have room enough for 3 additional people to crop with me. I need someone to come over and play at my house! :-)


  1. I feel for you it is so hard to move away from it all and start again - trying to make new takes years to have friends you can count on SO I wish you all the best!!!! Now if I lived near you I would be there to give you a hug and scrap with you...but I live down under in Australia so all I can do is cyberhug and hope you find some great mates where you are...
    Have a great day!!!!

  2. Hi Kendra, it's that crazy Wal-Mart lady....remember me? So much for me getting excited about living near a cyberlebrity, huh? Glad to know the physical part of your move is pretty much over, now it's on to working on the emotional part of the move which takes so much longer and is so much harder. With your bubbly personality, you'll do fine. Here's a little teeny-tiny bit of consolation for was 86 degrees here in Aiken,yesterday at 4:00 in the afternoon--yes, 86 and it's only mid-March! Can you imagine the horrid summer we are in for?! Take care and can't wait till we see your crafty goodness showing up on here again.

  3. I don't live in the area, but you should check out this lady's blog.
    She lives near Denver and just had a get together for fellow bloggers and crafters and wants to do it again. It looked like a lot of fun and a great way to meet people who love crafting. You two might just hit it off with all your craftiness or you might meet people who do. Hope you make lots of crafty friends quickly.

  4. Hi we are meeting tomorrow at The Evangelical church at 102nd and Steele. 9 to about 4 or so. Take 104th east to Steele about 2 miles of so. Then a right onto steele and go 2 blocks. It is the stucco church with a cross that sits on the hill sort of alone. We have up to 15 sometimes but only aout 8 tomorrow I think. We are having a St. Patricks day luch so come on over for any time you want. We are just a few miles from you in Thornton actually. We come from as far as one and a half hours away and have been meeting for close to 10 years now. Some do cricut and some do not. We have one gentlemen who comes with hia wife but not tomorrow. He is a hoot. He wanted to do his Vietnam pictures and he did that and much more. We would love to meet you. Joyce Murphy

  5. Hi Kendra,
    I'm still interested in coming to play sometime soon. My daughter and I have had a flu/virus, so maybe by next weekend I will have energy to get out and do something FUN! This weekend we are still recovering. You know how to contact me via facebook.
    I hope to see you soon!
    Roxane Apple
    P.S. To anyone reading this besides Kendra; her book is fabulous. I loved reading it. Pickup a copy for yourself!

  6. Of course you move to CO just after I move away, otherwise we would be scrapping up a storm by now. From Russia with Love