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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fabulous Chore Chart With Cut and Gypsy Files!

Hi, it's Kendra here once again and I am so excited to be this weeks guest designer this week over at Everyday Cricut!  I am really looking forward to sharing some of my creations with you!

Our family was recently transferred Colorado and into a much larger house.
A larger house means more house work and more house work mean more chores!
I thought that a Chore Chart would be a super fun way to get the kids involved.

When thinking of chores the kids might need to do, I decided to include some fun rewards too.  For each chore that the kids do, they will be earning point that they can "cash in" for fun things to do.  Later this week I will be bringing you a fun Bucket List for the kids to cash in on!  So be sure to stay tuned and check back for this fun project!

This weeks project was made with the Cricut Expression, The Cricut Gypsy and the Chore Chart Cricut lite Cartidge, Boys Will Be Boys Cricut Cartidge, Slumber Party Cricut lite Cartridge, Feeling Groovy Cricut lite Cartridge and Opposites Attract Cricut Cartridge.

For each set of chore/rewards you will need 3 sheets of accent color in this case either teal or purple, 3 Sheets of Orange, 2 sheets of Lime Green and 3 sheets of white cardstock.  You need to reserve 1 sheet of each color to create your kiddos name plate.  The other cardstocks will be cut into 1/4ths so you end up with 6 inch x 6 inch squares.  

When you place your cardstock on your mat, it does not matter what order it goes in.

Anika's Chores

Abraham's Chores

This project was pretty time consuming but I have taken a lot of that time out of the equation by creating a great .gypsy and .cut file for you to use.
Chore Chart .Gypsy File By Kendra Wiggins
Chore Chart .Cut File By Kendra Wiggins
You must have Cricut Design Studio version 1.0.40422.0 for it to work
the Gypsy must have the latest update of 104 (0227:0239) for it to work.
So now all you have to do is put your paper on the mat, cut and glue!
There are 26 different chores and rewards that my hubby and I can choose to assign to the children everyday.  I will be giving the .gypsy and .cut file away on my blog all week long and you can also download the complete instructions there too!
Here are close ups of the chores.

Anikas' Chores

 Abraham's Chores

I also made the kids names so their chores can go below them.

Notice how the word chores is in orange.  I used Opposites Attract and welded the word together for an accent over their names.

To make these magnetic, I decided to use Business card Magnets from Office Max as the magnets.  They were super reasonable at less than $7 got a pack of 25!

You will need to cut the magnets in half so they fit on the back of your chore and rewards.

Once you have cut them you will remove the liner and attach it to the back of your chores and rewards.  You will do this to every set that you make.

Here is a closer up look at the kids chore charts on the refrigerator.

Abraham's Chores

Anika's Chores

What do you think of this project?  What other projects can you think of using these wonderful cartridges?  I would love to hear you ideas!  

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I hope you join us and all the fun that we have!

Happy Scrappin'


  1. This is great. So glad to see you back crafting again. You've always had some great ideas. GREAT JOB.

  2. Very cool idea! I am new to the whole cricut world (just got my first cricut mini yesterday!)... where are you giving away the files and instructions?

  3. I've always enjoyed your ideas. I tried to download both files but the gypsy didn't work, got an error message and the cricut file appeared to download as I can see it in my folder but when I click to open it, it appears to open in Design Studio but I don't see anything. HELP!

    1. I just updated the .gypsy file. Try again. :-)

  4. Amazing project! Thank you for sharing your hard work with us. I can't wait to get this one started!! =)

  5. Cool idea... I really love this.... I only have a few of the carts you used, so I'd need to do some fudging in order to use your Gypsy file... but I have few a ideas of my own - Thanks so much for the inspiration :-)

  6. love it! my kids are grown, but may have to make something for when my granddaughter is here this summer and wants to help or should be helping.. LOL TFS
    Janet Royer

  7. Unbelievable project. Almost made me want to do chores. LOL!

  8. Fantastic project!!! My son has an autistic sprectrum disorder, and having "pictogramms" in his live helps him very much in his daily programm. So you understand that I have a special interest in this project..
    Well I'm quit new to the cricut-world, so can you tell me how I can download the file on my gipsy?? And can I cut it then from there staid away?
    Thanks a lot for this great inspiration!!!

  9. Thanks so much everyone! My kids really
    liked it. :-)

  10. Oh, I kept looking at this cart and decided not to get it. But now even though my daughter is almost 15 it can still come in handy. I am addicted to cricut carts lol. But I have had this question for years, how do you cut out the names like that where you have the blue cardstock in the back?

  11. Michelle,
    You weld the word together either using the Gypsy, Design Studio or the Cricut Craft Room. :-)

  12. Thank you for this. I have been wanting to make a chore chart for my children for awhile and the task was so overwhelming.

  13. I like the font you used, Feeling Groovy, is it a new cartridge?

  14. Thanks so much for this!!! I have had the chore chart cart for a while and just never quite got it figured out what I was going to do with it. Now I do- love your idea!!!!

  15. What a great Idea!! Great project once again!!

  16. Hi Kendra
    GREAT JOB! I think this would make the kids more responsive in doing their chores.

    I just received my gypsy yesterday and well I tried to download your gypsy file but its saying its a .cut file.
    The other link is as well.

    (just wanted to see how others make their designs on the gypsy so I can practice and make my own in the futre. Im such a newbie :)


  17. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea!!! It's perfect!