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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Creative...Quilt!

Hi, Kendra here again with another fun idea for all those Artsy and Messy Crafters out there!
I will be first to admit that I am one of them...I am a very creative and very messy Scrapper/Quilter!
When I am in the groove, paper or fabric goes a flying!
I will finish a project and sometime have to shovel my way out of my space.
So if you are like me, just know you are not alone!  :-)

What could be more fun than creating yourself a wall hanging with my favorite Quote and Motto on it?

I'm creative, please tell me
neatness doesn't count!

HERE is the Cricut Craft Room file for this project
HERE is the Gypsy file for this project.
(Note:  I have not double checked the Gypsy file as my Gypsy is having technical difficulties talking to my computer.)

 For more details on how to make this wall hanging, head on over to Everyday Cricut.

This would make a great wall hanging for any craft room or as a gift.

What is your favorite quote you would like to see in a wall hanging?  I would love to hear them!  Who knows, I just might make one.  :-)

Be sure to come over to Everyday Cricut and Mixology Crafts to see more of my fun projects!

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Happy Scrappin'


  1. Love this! The bright colors are great. I can't sew but I could make this out of paper or maybe use vinyl. Hope the knee is feeling better.

  2. This is so cute. Thanks for the cut files.

  3. Hi Can you let me know where you purchased the clear plastic cup you used with vinyl. I really would like to get some.
    Thanks so much,

    It was a great project.

  4. LOL! This made me laugh out loud! Thanks for creating a plaque for all "MESSY CRAFTERS" to enjoy...PINNING!!!